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by jennifer on July 1, 2015

The year 2015 marked a pivotal benchmark in my life – I’ve officially lived in America for 16 years, one year longer than I lived in England.

To honor this rite of passage, I’m combining the American traits I’ve learned in order to celebrate Independence Day like a TRUE American.

The Most American Independence Day, Ever

by lynne on June 30, 2015

With forty people and four hundred deadlines competing for attention, sometimes you need to use colorful language to be heard at Balcom Agency. Words like GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE and GOLD.

Kent Dean recently conducted a communications workshop as part of Balcom’s Wellness Month activities. Dean is a facilitator for True Colors, a communications program that has its roots in the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

And yet we still find time to have fun

– because when you love what you do, you just can’t help yourself.