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by stephanie on April 8, 2014

Text content is all well and good – but how will anyone pin your brilliant article on Pinterest if there’s no image? What’s a mere text link going to look like in a Facebook stream? Snore.

Missing out on social shares means missing out on oodles of blog and web traffic, so don’t let your words go out naked. Here are 10 types of visual content to dress up your tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, whitepapers and more.

by brian on March 24, 2014

Have you ever heard that “everyone is online?”

Everyone is not online.

Only 2.7 billion people have Internet access, with Internet adoption growing by less than 9% annually. For every person who goes online there are two who can’t. In some places there are 1,000 people without Internet access per each person with access. In other places no one can access the Internet.

Why do we need to do get everyone online?

While we could debate this topic forever, let’s just touch on a few real reasons:

And yet we still find time to have fun

– because when you love what you do, you just can’t help yourself.